We also cater for the automobile industry by manufacturing car felts. automotive
felt, including SAE wool felts, liners, sound dampening materials, and cabin and
engine filtration media


 Trunk liners
 Carpet backing
 Moldable liner materials
 BSR (buzz-squeak-rattle) dampening
 Sound insulation
 Glove box, console, and other visible liners
 and others

Polyester fiber can be used in many forms in the automotive industry, such as knitted, wovenor
nonwoven fabrics, especially needle punch and stitch bond fabrics used as facing materials;woven
fabrics in the airbags and seat belts; nonwoven material used as a filling material forespecially
improving the sound insulation property in multilayer structures in the car interiors;spunbond or
meltblown nonwoven structures either used solely or in combination with otherlayers in the filtration
media; as reinforcing material in the tire cords and engine comportmentitems such as V-belt and
hoses; and finally as a component for resin-impregnated compositeseither as a core material or as a
matrix material