Dam & Coastal Usage of Geo Textile

Erosion protection can be provided to a certain level by natural vegetations. However, in areas such as costal, rivers, lakes reservoirs, drainage ditches, flood bunds and overspill ponds where the area is prone to wave run-up, intermittent high velocity flows or with steep slopes, this is often inadequate.

The dynamic erosive force of reverse wave flow actions experienced in areas such as river and canal banks, undermines bank stability and affects channel flow and navigability.

TerramGeotextiles are highly effectively when used in place of traditional filter layers due to their hydraulic and filtration properties. A single layer of Tarram geotextile fabric can typically replace a succession of stone filter layers and with a single bedding layer of stone laid on the geotextile, can carry the rock armour that resists erosion caused by variable hydraulic forces.