Driveways and Roads

NP-NW-Road /GSM 100 to GSM 500 is a heavy duty driveway membrane. This non-woven geotextile  fabric for driveways and roads provides the best performance in ground stabilisation  filtration and drainage is a professional driveway/Road Fabric, to be used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate  or hardcore in sub-base layers. This prevents sinking and rutting caused by settlement of aggregates int0 the soil beneath (sub – grade) – a process known as ‘pumping’. This high-quality product does not loose strength when used below ground, making it the number one choice for driveways, roads and other areas subject to vehicular traffic.

100 to GSM 500 aggregate mix with the sub-grade (soil) causing excessive settlement & rutting – with NP – NW – Road /GSM 100 to GSM 500 geo textile separates aggregate from the sub-grade (soil) and spreads the load imposed on the sub-base, thus preventing excessive settlement & Rutting.

The Earthwork Range NP-NW-EW/GSM 100 to GSM 500 provides specialist ground control products for reinforcement across a number of applications, ranging from temporary grass parking solutions to modular gravel retention system. The range includes Grassmesh  and groundrings for grass and gravel. Install Earthwork Range NP-NW-EW/GSM 100 to GSM 500 between sub-base and sub-grade layers to prevent intermixing and creat a stable base.

Our nonwoven fabric fire / flame retardant, anti – bacterial, too meet the standard of bs 5852 or cfr 1633. 

Advantages: Air-permeability, recycled, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-pollution.