Waterproofing Gatex used for Roof & Basements

Usage: roof  waterproofing, building reinforcement, strengthening.

This fabric is widely used for waterproofing made of which need to be used with acrylic waterproofing compounds as well as bitumen products, for roofs, gutters, flashing, roof bolts, crack and joints. it can be from 7 gauge, cut into the width like 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm 

Type: nonwoven fabric. 

Technics: stitch bonding’s.

Settings: 100% heat setting, no water pollution.

No Water Pollution.


  1. made of 100% polyester, R pet.
  2. types: stiff  / hard.
  3. weight: from 75gsm to 100gsm (for waterproofing).
  4. thickness: from 0.35mm to 0.6mm.
  5. width: max 90inches.